Battlestar Galactica

Have you been to Universal Studios Singapore? You have got to go on these rides. There are two different rides actually: Human and Cylon thus the name Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon.

The blue track (Cylon) is an inverted roller coaster and the red track (Human) is the traditional seated one. I took this shot while the rides were still in construction. They are reportedly closed for good due to cracks developed repeatedly.

Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon

The best part is that I have been on these rides numerous times before it was closed down.

2010 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix – Race Day

I never thought shooting F1 cars will be such a difficult task with a DSLR. This is my first experience with my 500D shooting really really fast cars. I had to make big swings. The ang mors were telling me to be careful if I insist to station myself beside him. He really swing the camera hard.

These are my swinging results. Plenty of shots on the Force India’s car because it retired.

Safety car


Jenson Button's McLaren Mercedes




Virgin Racing

Malaysia's Lotus Racing

Hispania Racing

Toro Rosso

Scuderia Toro Rosso

Virgin Racing

AT&T Williams

Christian's HRT

Flying Ferrari

Fast Virgin

Lotus Malaysia

Bruno's HRT

Force India

Force India F1

Force India - retired

Force India

Speeding Lotus