Pulau Aman August 2011

This is the 2nd time of me going over to this peaceful island to have great lunch. The Mee Udang is still great but the mantis prawn is the best.

View from inside the boat

Rainy day on the boat

On the way to Pulau Aman

Jetty in Pulau Aman

The working jetty

Gigantic mantis shrimp

Restoran Terapung Mi Udang

Jetty Pulau Aman

Udang lipan

Mi Udang

View from Pulau Aman

Boiled mantis shrimp ready to be eaten

Udang lipan rebus

Boiled mantis shrimp

The end of the mantis shrimp

Gigantic mantis shrimp

Restoran Terapung di Pulau Aman

The boats parked at the jetty


Restoran Terapung, Pulau Aman

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